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Lasin Bedding Inc. is dedicated and passionate to provide a beautiful foundation for a luxurious bedroom with our quality bedding supplies. Formerly The Best Bedding Inc., Lasin Bedding Inc. has been distributing our Hotel Collection bedding sets in Canada and the United States since 2005. We are recognized for the highest quality at the most reasonable price.


SILK is naturally hypoallergenic and is inhospitable to dust mites; it is odorless and the lightest and softest among all bed linens. Silk-filled comforters, therefore, are light. They are "breathable" and maintains a stable temperature even with drastic temperature changes, to keep you from feeling too warm or too cold.

The comforter at Lasin Bedding Inc. is made of 100% long strand mulberry silk. The silk filling is layered by hand, one layer at a time. A silk comforter requires easily over 10,000 cocoons of silk. You will rarely see such high quality of silk comforters on the market.

Silk is naturally healthy for human bodies. The characteristics of silk such as to help maintain bodily health, skin protection, warm in winter and cool in summer, etc., have been passed along as a tradition for centuries. Only recently with the scientific advancement of biochemistry, more secrets are revealed. Such as the discovery of Sericin-a viscous gelatinous protein that forms on the surface of raw-silk fibers. Japanese studies showed Sericin prevents and reverses damaged skin from sunlight and different chemicals. Sericin binds to the keratin of skin and hair, forming a protective film. Highly moisture-binding and film-forming, Sericin imparts a unique and highly aesthetic skin feel.

Never wash the comforter; comforter can be dry cleaned or put under the sunlight for 15 to 30 minutes periodically for sterilization.


DUVET cover or comforter cover is always recommended for hygiene purposes. Humans shed approximately 1.5 million skin cells per hour even during sleep. As silk-comforter cannot be machine washed every week, duvet cover protects the comforter from human cells, bacteria, dust, dust mites, inspect parts, pollen etc. Our 100% cotton duvet cover and bedding linens can be machine washed frequently enough to provide you a healthy and happy life.

Lasin Bedding Inc. offers 100% pure cotton bedding sets, pillow shams, duvet covers and more bedding linens. Although most of bedding linens today are blended with polyester and cotton because they are more wrinkle-resistant, washing at a high heat will still set wrinkles that are difficult to remove and polyester is prone to static. Polyester does not breathe and traps moisture and heat between layers in bedding causing a sweaty, uncomfortable night. Its man-made fibers may irritate sensitive skin and any oil or grease stains tend to be permanent.

COTTON is a natural fiber. It is breathable, wicks moisture and stays comfortably cool against skin. Cotton linen is hypoallergenic and can be washed at high heats. It dries quickly and is static proof. Cotton fibers are long and can be woven to produce a silk-like fabric. All bedding pieces from Lasin Bedding Inc are 100% cotton that are more durable and suitable for daily use.

The thread count means the number of threads woven together in a square inch both lengthwise and widthwise. It is a scientific term with strict federal standards on how threads are counted. Thread count is an important consideration to take when choosing a new set of sheets. Lasin Bedding Inc. offers 300 thread count bedding products, we want to ensure our customers get the highest quality at the reasonable price.